Aaron Sarnat

Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Artist, Photographer

freelance creative professional

Work Philosophy

Work Philosophy

Form follows function. Less is more. Meet and exceed expectations.

I am dedicated to delivering high quality media with reliable and efficient service. I believe that anything is possible, and having the right attitude is paramount. I put a lot of thought into my work, and I pay close attention to detail, but I do not miss deadlines. As Steve Jobs used to say, "Real artists ship."


1. Achieve client's design goals
2. Do so with accuracy, efficiency, and powerful functionality
3. Provide an intuitive, pleasurable experience
4. Make finished product as beautiful as possible

Every client is unique; therefore, every project possesses a unique set of challenges. I enjoy planning and executing strategies to meet them.

I believe long term business relationships are based on mutual trust and respect, and I cater to people who share this philosophy. This is a competitive industry, and I want my clients to be glad they chose me.

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