Aaron Sarnat

Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Artist, Photographer

freelance creative professional


There are many sources I can credit for creative inspiration.


Hovie Hawk - His influence as a graphic designer, creative director and business owner has had the most direct impact on my style and intuition as a creative professional. His industry experience is far reaching, and he is a role model for design talent, leadership, and efficiency. I am very lucky to have benefited from his guidance and am grateful for the energy he invested in my professional development.

I'd also like to thank Ben Wnuk, Kara Shiflett, Jeni Mattson, Byron Bischoff a.k.a. "Bronze," John Merrell, Daryl Sarnat, Jesse Silvertrees, John Castle, Hank Green, the Maxforums community, and my wonderfully supportive family and friends. These people have helped me so much and I sincerely appreciate their support!

Creative Influences

Design - I appreciate a wide variety of styles, though I identify closely with a look that is modern, clean, minimalist, and often technological. I have been inspired by many sources including Dwell Magazine, Agape Design, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Apple Computer, DeLorean, Frank Lloyd Wright, Pixar, Acura, Tesla Motors, and Wired Magazine.

Art - M.C. Escher, Matt Groening, Pablo Picasso, Ralph McQuarrie, John William Waterhouse, Elliot Erwitt, and Ansel Adams

Music - Good music transcends all genre boundaries, as does bad. There are gems everywhere. You just have to dig for them.

My musical influences include, but are not limited to: Radiohead, John Williams, Beethoven, Lovage, Tchaikovsky, Outkast, Loretta Lynn, Queen, Bola, Yann Tiersen, Benny Goodman, Stan Getz, Dave Brubeck, Groove Armada, The Beatles, The Shins, Beach Boys, The Chemical Brothers, CCR, Debussy, Phillip Glass, Boards of Canada, the Matrix Soundtrack, etc. I often listen to Soma.fm while I'm working.

Movies / TV - Star Trek: The Next Generation, Koyaanisqatsi, Robocop, The Matrix, Harlem Nights, Ghost in The Shell, The Empire Strikes Back, The Incredibles, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Run Lola Run, Trainspotting, Into the Wild, The Three Stooges, BBC Planet Earth, Spaceballs, and Futurama.


My official list of heroes is as follows: Benjamin Franklin, Jean Luc Picard, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Thom Yorke, John Williams, Matt Groening, Richard Feynman, George Carlin, Superman, Jet Li, Indiana Jones, Philip Glass, M.C. Escher, and my parents.

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