Aaron Sarnat

Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Artist, Photographer

freelance creative professional

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About this Website

Version 2.0 - Launched March, 2008

All content displayed on this website was created by me unless stated otherwise. Some projects were developed in collaboration with others. Copyrights for works displayed are owned by the clients who comissioned them.


The purpose of this website is to showcase my abilities as a graphic designer, web developer, and artist, and to promote my services as a creative professional.


While striving to create the best possible user experience, many factors were considered. The layout is heavily influenced by the web projects I worked on for Design Hovie Studios, most notably Just Green. The original design for Just Green's website was a collaborative effort by creative director, Hovie Hawk and me. The final product was a sleek, modern, gallery site that was simple, functional, and user friendly. It was this design concept that I revisited and expanded upon when developing the look for my portfolio. I created the design identity in Adobe Illustrator and all page layouts in Adobe Photoshop.


This is a PHP driven dynamic website using standards compliant XHTML and CSS, as outlined by the W3C. The entire site was hand coded from scratch using EditPlus, a web-oriented text editor for Windows. No WYSIWYG editors were used. The MySQL database was built using phpMyAdmin. All interface graphics were created and optimized with Adobe Photoshop. Project was developed on both Mac and Windows platforms.

JavaScript - Text swap and image rollover functions were written by me. Intro slideshow and Gradual highlight scripts are modified versions of original scripts from Dynamic Drive. Email form validation JavaScript by Adriano Santi. New-window external link script for XHTML Strict by Kevin Yank. Custom font deployment made possible by sIFR (Scalable Inman Flash Replacement) by Mike Davidson.

Browser Testing - This website has been tested for compatibility in IE6, IE7, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Debugging was greatly facilitated by Firebug, the elegant development tool for Firefox, and the W3C Markup Validation Service.

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